Let's strengthen our local economy and stand up for working families in our neighborhoods. Together, we can take on city hall and work to bring south Thornton’s fair share of resources and tax dollars to our community.


Adults 55+

Serves on Thornton’s
Active Adult Board

Audits a
$560 million budget

Member of Adams 12
Finance Audit Committee

Updating 5yr long-range plan for Thornton

Serves on Transportation
& Mobility Master Plan Committee

My name is Kathy Henson and I’m a leader who will stand up to politics as usual.

I will bring smart long-term planning and vision to the big issues we face in our local government. In south Thornton, we work hard, we take pride in our community, and we look out for our neighbors during these tough times. We should expect the same from city hall. For too long, we have been ignored, while our tax dollars have paid for new infrastructure and developments in other parts of Thornton.

That’s not how local government should work. 

When I’m elected, I’ll fight for change to make Thornton even better for all of us. With the support of neighbors like you, we can end politics as usual on Thornton City Council, where too many important decisions have been made privately behind the scenes. As your councilwoman, I’ll bring accountability and transparency to our local government and strengthen opportunities for working families in our community. I hope to earn your support in this critical election.

Kathy on the issues