See who has endorsed Kathy Henson for Thornton City Council

“I’m proud to support Kathy Henson for Thornton City Council because she will be a champion for working families and act with transparency and accountability on the big issues facing Thornton.”

United States Congressman Ed Perlmutter, CD 7

“Kathy knows that Thornton's most valuable resource is its people. She will listen, collaborate, and take action to solve problems for working families in Thornton.”

Senator Dominick Moreno, SD 21

“Kathy knows how to bring people together and get things done. She'll listen and stand up for working people in south Thornton.”

Adams County Commissioner, Lynn Baca, D5

“As Adams County Commissioner, I know the importance of having leaders who will focus on long-term solutions to the big issues we face. Kathy is a collaborator and will get things done for the people of Thornton.”

Adams County Commissioner, Eva Henry, D1

"Kathy will fight for south Thornton and be a champion for our local economy and Thornton's working people on council."

Adams County Commissioner, Emma Pinter, D3

“Kathy has the knowledge and experience we need to bring long-term planning to Thornton. She will fight politics as usual and stand up for working families and our veterans.”

Adams County Commissioner, Chaz Tedesco, D2

"We need leaders on council who will stand up to politics as usual and fight for south Thornton. Kathy Henson will fight for working people and I'm proud to support her for Thornton City Council."

Thornton Councilwoman, Jacque Phillips, Ward 1

“Kathy understands what it means to lead and she'll be a public servant for working people in south Thornton.”

Dr. Ernestine Garcia, Thornton

“As a 30 year resident of the City of Thornton, I support Kathy for Thornton City Council, Ward 1. She will bring sensitive, articulate, intelligent decisions and solutions for the betterment of our Thornton. She is a leader with a strong voice that will and can make action happen.”

Sandra Wolfe, Thornton