Kathy’s Top Priorities for Thornton

Top PRiorities

Housing & Development

Home ownership is the bedrock to providing financial security in south Thornton and in helping working people in our community become part of America’s middle class.
Our neighborhood has the most high density housing in the city, providing numerous options for those who do not own their own home. We need more attainable housing for first time buyers. As your councilwoman, I will work to improve our quality of life by increasing the number of affordable housing units for purchase. We need affordable housing spread throughout Thornton — not clustered in only one part of town. 

Smart and thoughtful development ensures our community members have easy access to nearby grocery stores and retail, parks, and public transportation. We can build new developments, increase the number of affordable housing units for purchase, and make the dream of people owning their own home attainable in Thornton. We need a long-term, smart plan that embraces growth and boosts our local economy, while protecting the character of our neighborhoods. That’s the perspective I will bring as a new voice on Thornton City Council. 

Top PRiorities

Open Spaces & Environment

Access to parks and open space improves our quality of life. Expanding open spaces and ensuring our residents have access to trails and parks is an investment in our future and our people. Our community has the highest density of housing in Thornton and the least amount of open space. We have twice as many people living per square mile as other wards, but 50% fewer playgrounds for our children and a third less green space overall. On the city council, I will work to protect and expand our open spaces and trail connections so that we can all enjoy the best that Colorado and Thornton have to offer.

Top PRiorities

Local Economy & Workforce

We need a vision and plan that will help us navigate the financial crisis our city and local businesses have experienced due to the pandemic. As we work our way out of this crisis, we have an opportunity to address economic growth and income inequality in a way our local government has not done in the past. 

I will promote the continuing work of the Alliance/Allianza  Business Assistance Center in the Pinnacle Shopping Center. This type of small business development and support for entrepreneurs is needed on an on-going basis as we work towards economic recovery and help our local economy thrive. 

The Thornton Shopping Center at 88th and Washington has needed clean up and revitalization for years. I have been an active advocate to restore this plaza and as your Council representative it will be a top priority for me to see this area returned to a safe, clean retail center where our community members can enjoy shopping, dining and gathering with neighbors.

Top PRiorities

Transit & Mobility

Increasing transportation opportunities for our residents is critical to our economy and in supporting working families. The Original Thornton RTD station is undeveloped and is a blank slate for us to make our mark. Our district is the gateway to Thornton and we can create a vibrant area of development that represents the roots of our history where Thornton began, while celebrating our rich diversity. 

I proudly worked with the Ad Hoc Committee on Equity to draw attention to the imbalance in transit between north and south Thornton. On council, I will work to bring increased investment into our transit hubs and see that transit options are increased.