Meet Kathy

Get to know your candidate for Thornton City Council

My name is Kathy Henson and I am running for Thornton City Council, Ward 1 to bring a new generation of leadership to our council and build a better community for south Thornton. I grew up middle class in Colorado. My father was a Lutheran pastor and my mother was a teacher. I’ve lived in Thornton for 18 years with the love of my life, my husband Dennis. Together, we have two sons aged 14 and 16 who attend Horizon High School.

The first thing you should know about me is that I’m not a politician. I graduated with a degree in vocal performance, which means that not only do I know how to speak up and be heard,  but how to listen — and the importance of bringing people and instruments together to achieve a desired outcome. That’s the tempo and energy I am going to bring to Thornton City Council.

My advocacy work began twenty years ago as a member of a Denver-based committee that coordinated with the actors’ union to find ways to increase opportunities for Colorado’s professional actors.  

Through my work choreographing and directing over 40 theatrical productions, and being an active leader in my local church, I have learned that people will trust your leadership and step out of their comfort zone when you are prepared and consistent, when you listen to them, and work hard alongside them.

When my kids started school, I became an education advocate. I have fought to ensure students of all abilities receive the support and fair treatment guaranteed them in our public schools. I serve on the Finance Audit Committee for the Adams 12 School District where I help audit a $560 million budget.

I also serve on the Thornton Active Adult Board, an advisory board to the city on issues affecting residents over 55. I volunteered for the Master Plan subcommittee and am helping update the city’s long-range plan for recreation and support services for active adults.

With your support, we will end the political games on Thornton City Council and work to ensure our neighborhoods get our fair share of resources and tax dollars for our families and economic growth.